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Cause of bald needles for sewing machine equipment
Dec 25, 2018

One: the needle and the swivel shuttle are not in bad coordination. Because of the poor synchronous adjustment of the Rotary shuttle or the shift of the Rotary shuttle during the operation of the machine, the needle is damaged from the upper and bottom of the rotor and the edge of the tail groove of the Rotary shuttle skin collides to damage the needle tip. Exclusion method: To confirm whether the height of the needle rod is accurate, that is, when the needle is in the lower dead point, the lower edge of the pinhole slope in the needle pinhole 1/2 position. When the needle is raised from the lower dead point up to 2.2mm, the swivel tip reaches the center of the needle, and the gap between the needle and the swivel shuttle is 0.05mm. 

Second: The spin shuttle wear is serious. Spin Shuttle's flower basket loose too large, when the needle reached the next dead spot needle and the edge of the hole to rub and damage the needle tip; In addition, the spindle deformation or burrs make the machine needle tip in the lower dead spot and the edge of the spindle friction and damage the needle tip of the machine. Exclusion method: Replace the swivel shuttle and check the shuttle and shuttle heart, shuttle heart must be flat, smooth, no burr.