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Household sewing machine equipment should be used for diligent maintenance
Dec 25, 2018

The main points of use of multifunctional sewing machine equipment are very different from those of old-fashioned sewing machine equipment, and beginners need to have a process of grinding with the machine. According to the introduction, just started to use sewing machine equipment from threading and seam straight start to practice, experience the foot and pedal speed of the cooperation. After the line is skilled, then practice the inverted needle, the seam pattern, the back is the edge locking.

If you try a difficult operation as soon as you come up, it is easy to have a broken needle, disconnection situation.

Sewing Machine Equipment Do not neglect the daily maintenance of sewing machine equipment. The right use is good maintenance. Second, when putting the foot down, do not leave the needle empty.

In addition, usually to clean up the bottom shuttle position in time, dirt on the machine wear is very large, clean after dripping two drops of oil to maintain lubrication, but also should be regularly to the nose of the needle rod parts refueling.

The usual use of the process often appear jumpers, broken needles and other problems can be tested on their own, small problems themselves can be completely resolved.

Jumper: First of all, improper use of the needle bending will cause the jumper, at this time to change the needle can be; needle lever dislocation up may also lead to jumpers, can ask professionals to repair; sewing elastic fabric may also cause jumpers, at this time to replace a special elastic needle, or under the fabric overlay a layer of newspapers, sewing the newspaper can be torn off. Broken needle: Change the pattern clockwise will swing, at this time if the needle did not lift and on the cloth, it is easy to cause broken needles, broken wire.

If the quality of the needle is not up to standard, will also break the needle, direct replacement can be. Winding: This is due to the fact that the line is too loose. First of all, you should use the On-line adjustment button to tighten the line, you should also check whether the threaded time line into the clamp.