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How to use stitches correctly in industrial sewing machine equipment
Dec 25, 2018

The stitches are paired with the hue of the required sewing fabric, which must be paired under a variety of light sources, the color fastness/washing color fastness of the stitches, and the clothing ordering line that needs to be rinsed and stone-grinding should be specifically stated in the contract, and the telephone should be communicated with the supplier clearly, and then the fixed line will be tried to do the sample The suture performance of the thick material sewing machine is suitable for the sewing fabric required: Different thicknesses, different materials of the fabric need to be equipped with different types and performance of the line. Strength of suture: tensile/fractured/wear-resistant. The stitches of the leather sewing machine should be selected with flame-retardant properties, such as pajamas and other clothing that requires flame-retardant treatment.

The waterproof nature of the stitches, such as waterproof clothing. In addition, other sewing machine stitches comfort: Some close-fitting clothing with stitches or direct contact with the skin of textile lines need to consider softness. The appearance of the stitches is neat. The two-pin sewing machine should also be the right choice when choosing to use the wire.