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Precautions for the use of industrial sewing machines
Dec 25, 2018

1. Basic measures must be observed, Before use must carefully read the instructions, to strictly follow the instructions on the steps to install and operate, can not be taken for granted random operation. Therefore, the user must go through professional training, the sewing machine equipment performance, efficacy has a more comprehensive understanding before starting the operation.

2. All safety devices should be checked before use, The safety device of industrial sewing machine can not only effectively guarantee the safety of users, but also plays a great role in the normal operation of the machine. In particular, these details need to be noted: in the installation, replacement of needles and pins, needle plates, as well as the delivery of tooth, bending needles, rotary shuttle repair, should be disconnected from the power supply, and users leave the sewing machine or workplace should pay attention to the power off; when using the clutch motor, should wait for the motor to stop completely before operating;

3. In the use of oil, Lubricants and other liquids should be carefully operated to avoid flowing into the eyes or into the skin, once these conditions occur, should be immediately washed with clean, and when the sewing machine is electrified, it is strictly forbidden to touch its parts or devices by hand; the repair and renovation of industrial sewing machines should be carried out by specialized technical personnel; In the adjustment of the main institutions, Care should be taken or asked by a professional.

4. General maintenance is carried out by professionals; When the electrical failure, should be under the supervision and guidance of electrical technicians to carry out repairs, so as to avoid private operation of safety incidents; sewing machines should pay attention to maintenance, often clean, keep clean, so as not to dust too much affect the work of the sewing machine; In order for the industrial sewing machine to operate normally and safely, the ground wire should be installed. At the same time should be away from high-frequency welding machine and other strong noise sources, the installation of power plugs should be carried out by professionals.