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Refueling and lubrication of sewing machine equipment
Dec 25, 2018

Special sewing machine oil must be used. Sewing machine after a continuous use of one day or a few days should be a full increase in oil, if refueling between the use, should make the machine idling a turn time, so that the oil fully immersed and throw out the excess oil, and then with a clean soft cloth will be the nose and table wipe clean, so as not to stain the sewing material.

Then threaded to sew rags, use the movement of the sewing thread to wipe clean, throw out the excess oil traces, all the way to the rag there is no oil trace, and then formal sewing.

The refueling site is:

(1) The oil holes on the nose, lubricate the upper shaft and the components connected to the upper shaft. 

(2) Parts inside the panel and moving parts connected to each part. Lubrication pressure foot pole and needle rods as well as parts connected to them.

(3) Wipe and add less oil to the activity of the lower part of the machine board. 

The amount of refueling between the refueling hole and the refueling part should not be too much, one or two drops on the line.