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Two important details of sewing machine equipment
Dec 25, 2018

1,To ensure the cleaning of spare parts

By carefully cleaning and cleaning, ensuring the cleaning of sewing machine parts is the basis for ensuring assembly quality and extending the service life of the sewing machine, especially for bushings, bearings, oil pumps, as well as parts containing rotating and swinging fittings, but also carefully clean up the assembly of sewing machine equipment and daily maintenance clothing training.

If the assembly of a variety of shaft parts are not clean, light causes the bushing to heat up too high and the transmission torque is too heavy, serious will be due to debris acceleration wear, the emergence of "bite" and other serious faults.

2, operation by procedure Where the surface drying paint, electroplating and other surface treatment of the sewing machine parts, its assembly joints (including holes, grooves, planes and screw holes) and other places have a sticky layer, so before assembly, such components must be in accordance with the technical requirements of the process, finishing before they can enter the assembly state.