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Knitting Machine

  • High Speed Automatic Flat Knitting Machine

    High Speed Automatic Flat Knitting Machine

    Pure wool, pure fibre, wool and acrylic blended yarn, various wool and cotton threads, thin thread, medium thick thread, and thick thread, etc. Contact Now
  • Manual Flat Knitting Machine

    Manual Flat Knitting Machine

    The Manual Flat Knitting Machine has three needles for double-sided needle beds. The three needles of the manual flat knitting machine (long tongue, high needle and low needle) are suitable for separate propulsion inside the bracket for suspension design. Up and down mobile... Contact Now
  • Fully Computer Flat Knitting Machine

    Fully Computer Flat Knitting Machine

    This machine can weave basic stitches, such as four plain fabrics, flat stitches, links and links, through segmented control and adjustable pull speed. Jacquard, cable, plush needle, eyelet needle, rope weaving and other fancy stitches, intarsia, etc. And a brighter zoom out.... Contact Now
Our company is one of the leading knitting machine suppliers in China, supplying the best customized service. Feel free to wholesale bulk knitting machine in stock here and get quotation from our factory.