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Features Of Electric Sewing Machine
Dec 25, 2018

1, linear sewing (double line)-there is a bottom line design, sewing more firmly; 

2, Curve sewing (can do two-line edge locking, easy to complete the fabric simple edge locking work at home, no need to find a tailor's shop. (Note: There is a buyer reaction this edge locking shape is not the same as the edge locking of readymade garments on the market, this is because the usual see edge locking is processed with a dedicated third-line or four-wire edge locking machine, and our products are dual-line. Although the shape is different, it can also achieve the purpose of edge locking the fabric. The use of simple two-wire edge locking, remove the third line above the edge locking to use a dedicated edge locking machine trouble, not only reduce the product itself manufacturing costs, but also set sewing, Edge locking in one, which is the unique function of the product. Of course, the firmness of this simple dual-line edge locking is certainly not as good as that of the third-tier edge locking machine. Only suitable for home use, if it is to open a tailor's shop, or do normal clothing, this edge locking is not suitable. I hereby remind); 

3, double needle sewing (two line, one bottom line) (only suitable for straight line traces): The use of double needle sewing to make the line more beautiful and firm. 2 Parallel line traces can be sewn on top of each piece of cloth. Two-wire double-pin double spool to form a double-wire trace. (need to be replaced with a single needle when single thread sewing, but also normal two-wire sewing);

4, two-way sewing-can be a car sewing, reversing sewing, more convenient! The effect is more perfect;

5, double Switch-(button switch/foot switch) dual use, free hands, more convenient operation (note pedal switch can only control the machine on or off, can not control the speed);

6, Multi-speed sewing-according to your level of operation proficiency and sewing clothing needs, change the speed of sewing;

7, needle distance (line distance) adjustable-needle distance (line distance) sparse, normal, dense three-gear adjustable, sewing fabric selection range;

8, with lighting-even if the light is not good, it does not affect sewing, lighting using LED lights, service life of up to 50,000 hours;

9, the configuration of the Protection Board---Prevent the operation of the needle strain, so that sewing work more safe;

10, the base seam structure-convenient sewing sleeves and trousers, self-service winding function-equipped with a special winding device, convenient winding;

11, the Operation function in the machine to the pattern display, easy to understand, easy to operate, novel and lightweight, easy to collect; 

12, with the spool heavy winding function, so that the sewing speed is fast.