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Function And Operation Of Sewing Machine
Dec 25, 2018

Flat sewing Machine is in the ordinary high-speed sewing machine on the basis of the addition of computer control system and other functions, is a set of light, electricity, magnetism as one of the typical mechatronics products.

Computer sewing machine with automatic shear line, automatic reverse seam, automatic retaining line, automatic lifting foot and other functions, its greatest advantage is energy-saving and efficient.

At present, there are two common computer sewing machines on the market, one is fully automatic, one is manual, fully automatic computer sewing machine does not have reverse seam button, only manual only. Domestic brand computer high-speed sewing machine, manual reverse seam switch has two functions: reverse seam function and needle repair function. If the operator panel shows free seam state, when the foot does not pedal, the hand Press manual button is in the needle repair function, is no reverse seam function.