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How The Computer Sewing Machine Works
Dec 25, 2018

Today's high-end home sewing machines have built-in computers, as well as small monitor displays, and are easier to operate. In these models, the computer directly controls several different motors, precisely moving the needle rods, tensioning disks, tooth and other components in the machine, and through this fine control, hundreds of different stitches can be produced. The computer drives the motor at the right speed, moving the needle lever up and down in a specific stitch mode and moving left and lower. Typically, computer programs for different stitches are stored on removable memory disks or cassette tapes.

A sewing machine computer can also be connected to a PC to download patterns directly from the Internet. Some electronic sewing machines also have the ability to create complex embroidery patterns. These machines have a motorized working area that holds the fabric below the needle assembly. They also have a range of sensors that tell the location of the computer's machine components. By moving the workspace forward, backward, and left and right while adjusting the needle assembly to change the stitching style, the computer can generate countless fine shapes and lines. The sewer simply loads a pattern from memory or creates an original mode, while the computer can accomplish almost anything else. The computer will prompt the sewer to change the line or make other adjustments if necessary.

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