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How To Maintain The Industrial Sewing Machine
Dec 25, 2018

External maintenance: 

1. Clean all parts of the machine, so that the body of dust, ash, oil and so on, including the plate, wire rack, electric lights, clamps and so on to do external cleaning. 

2. Check each fastening area to replenish the defect screws. 

3. High-speed flat seam oil label to meet the standard (location) 

Internal maintenance: 

1. Check the oil fit, add oil. Oil holes in each part, the road requirements are unobstructed.

2. The machine inside the lubrication parts refueling, high-speed flat seam to check the amount of oil, there is no oil leakage phenomenon. The oil road is smooth and the oil pump is working normally. 

3. Remove the needle plate, sweep the cloth teeth to sweep the swivel shuttle. 

4. Clean the cutter dust and check if there is a crack. 

Electrical Appliances 

1. Cut off the power supply, clean the motor, the electrical device is required to be neat and secure, switch sensitive.  If problems are found to be repaired in a timely manner. 

2. Check whether the electromagnet line is damaged and the connector is loose.