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Main Performance Of Nail Buckle Machine
Dec 25, 2018

The seam of the nail buckle machine: The nail fastener is an automatic sewing machine, which completes the specified feeding process according to the prescribed seam. Different nail buckles and for different buttons have different stitches, for the commonly used four eye flat buckle has four kinds of stitches. There are two kinds of lines in the nail buckle Machine: Single line chain line (line Line 107 track) and lock line (line Line 304 trace), a large number of a wide range of nail buckle machine using single-line chain track. It should be pointed out that: single-wire chain line trace is characterized by improper disconnection position, will form a false seam, the line is pulled off. Nail buckle machine To achieve automatic disconnection, disconnection position can ensure that the thread cut after the thread will not disperse, but the stitches due to wear and other reasons to form a new disconnection position, often occur a pull on the loose nail buckle "failure" sewing effect. In order to ensure the strength of the nail buckle, the nail buckle machine Specifies the number of pins of the nail buckle, up to 42 stitches per button can be stitched. However, there is no such problem with the lock line, and the quality of the nail buckle is much higher than that of the single-line chain track.