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Reason And Solution Of Jumping Needle Of Flat Seam Machine
Dec 25, 2018

Jumping needle: In the long sewing, the needle bending produced by the jump Needle, operator will also jump needle, swivel tip and machine needle concave too far will also jump needle, the corresponding swivel tip and machine needle concave gap adjustment to 0_05mm.

The clamp and the picking spring are too tight to show the amount of small Hao into the jumper phenomenon, and the tension of the clamp and the spring should be loosened. If the wear of the spindle tip in a long period of sewing, the defect has been unable to hook the line to produce the phenomenon of jumpers, it is necessary to replace a new swivel shuttle. In addition, in sewing the knitting garden collar on the bag, because of the thicker, the use of the needle is 9# imported needle, but also a high and low fabric seam products, will produce a jump needle. But the process requirements can not be used 11# clear needle, because the needle eye is large, you can accordingly cut the needle rod to 0.2MM, so that the line can be increased the position of the whirlpool wire in the needle rod recovery, the swivel tip in the pinhole above the 0.1MM position when the hook line, because this time from the line ring is the largest easy hook line, can solve the