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Reasons For Irregular Walking Of Sewing Machine Material
Dec 25, 2018

In the process of sewing clothes with sewing machine, there are sometimes irregular phenomena in which the movement speed of clothing material is not uniform and the needle is long and short. Clothing movement is all by sending tooth and pressing feet of the combination of forward transport, therefore, when the material appears in the above irregular motion, it can be concluded that the teeth and pressing feet have failed or the pressure regulation is improper. For example, the pressure on the foot is too small. If the cloth is not pressed tightly, it will cause the movement to move irregularly. At this point, simply unscrew the pressure-regulating screws to tighten the material.

Pressing the foot is too high, can not press the material, will also cause the material to move arbitrarily, or do not move at all, adjust the pressure of the foot wrench, loose the guidance frame screws, and then the pressure foot pole from the upper and downward moved, so that the foot and needle plate distance adjustment to 7-8 mm height, then tighten the screws, and then drive use. Another reason is that the tooth screws are loose, causing the teeth to shake left and right during operation, so that the material can not move forward in a regular way. The processing method is to unload the needle plate. Tighten the two tooth screws. Tighten the needle plate to install, check the teeth on both sides, whether one with the edge of the needle plate friction, such as friction, will cause noise and machine weight phenomenon, only then unload the needle plate, loosen the tooth screws, adjust the position of the teeth to the middle of the needle plate groove, tighten the tooth screws, and then install the needle plate.