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Simple Classification Of Nail Buckle Sewing Machine
Dec 25, 2018

Nail Buckle Sewing machine can be divided into two types of single-line chain line and double-wire locking line.


Dual-line Lock line nail button sewing machine due to nail buckle operation when the replacement of shuttle line is frequent, the use of the surface is not wide.


Single-line chain wire nail button sewing machine seam nail button without the need to replace the suture, high production efficiency, so widely used, it also organic needle swing type and the two-clamp swing type. The former in the Seam nail button, mainly by the needle left and right swing, the latter is the machine needle only up and down movement, and by the button left and right swing. Needle swing type because of the durability of the structure, low noise, will not be because of buttons and clothing swing together caused by the operator's vision fatigue, production efficiency is also relatively high, is widely used in sewing factories.