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Types Of Industrial Sewing Machines
Dec 25, 2018

There are four main types of industrial sewing machines. The difference between them is based on the design of the arm and needle rod.The four types are: 

Flat PLATE: The most common type, these machines are similar to traditional machines, where arms and needles extend to the flat bottom of the machine. Workers usually use this machine to sew flat fabrics together. 

Cylinder bed: These machines have narrow horizontal columns instead of flat base. This allows the fabric to pass and under the column. The diameter of the cylindrical bed ranges from 5 cm to 16 cm. Workers use cylinder beds to sew cylindrical parts such as cuffs, but they are also useful for large items such as saddles and shoes. 

Rear machine tools: the columns of these machines are fitted with spools, hopper and/or pipe Bender, which are located above the flat bottom of the machine. The height of this pillar ranges from 10 cm to 45 cm. Applications that have difficulty accessing sewing areas, such as additional badges, boot making and glove making, utilize the post-bed machine. 

Non-reality: the least commonly used group, these machines require workers to supply materials along the axes of horizontal columns. The design limits the relationship between the length of the seam and the length of the column, but is useful for applications such as cuffs and shoulder seams.