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What Are The Standard Feeding Agencies For Sewing Machines
Dec 25, 2018

The standard feeding mechanism is: feeding, suitable for all standard sewing work, composite feeding, with the help of synchronous needle movement auxiliary feeding, harmonic feeding, can sew multi-layer cloth, feeding material plus a variety of feeding mechanism, no layer between the dislocation of mobile sewing, applied to bulging sewing requirements, independent pull feeding device: for thick materials, sensitive fabrics; feeder wheels and roller pins drive devices for thick materials, sensitive fabrics. 

All of these bodies can also consist of different types of mechanical components, such as foot type, needle plate type, cloth type, and a special adjustment requirement is required at all times. This complex situation suggests that sometimes we ask the measurement Test team to compare the different feed mechanism and find its traction limit. The parameters that determine the function are always the line length of the stroke, comparing them to the preset length of the line.