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  • Fully Computer Flat Knitting Machine

    Fully Computer Flat Knitting Machine

    This machine can weave basic stitches, such as four plain fabrics, flat stitches, links and links, through segmented control and adjustable pull speed. Jacquard, cable, plush needle, eyelet needle, rope weaving and other fancy stitches, intarsia, etc. And a brighter zoom out.... Contact Now
  • Auto-Sharpening Cutting Machine

    Auto-Sharpening Cutting Machine

    Automatic knife sharpening machine can be used to cut various materials such as cotton, wool, thread, short skin, chemical fiber and leather. Contact Now
  • Cutting Machine with Air Cushion Type

    Cutting Machine with Air Cushion Type

    CZD series with knife cutting machine is suitable for all kinds of materials, including woven, knitted, synthetic fiber, sponge, leather, blanket and so on. Moreover, the operation is simple and the noise is small. Contact Now
  • Round Cutting Machine

    Round Cutting Machine

    With free cutting, comfortable use, automatic sharpening, etc., can be used to cut cotton, linen, silk, chemical fiber, knitted fabrics, leather and other materials. Contact Now
  • Straight Cutting Machines

    Straight Cutting Machines

    Cast iron body, using cast iron imported materials, real materials, excellent quality. Contact Now
  • High-speed Cloth Drilling Machine(Heating)

    High-speed Cloth Drilling Machine(Heating)

    ​This high-speed heating cloth drilling machine is one of the necessary equipment for garment production. Contact Now
  • Round Cutter

    Round Cutter

    It can cut a variety of materials, such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, chemical fiber, leather, etc., they are widely used in clothing, leather products, textiles, rubber products, paper industry, blankets, carpets, gifts, furniture, sofas, also clothing And the necessary... Contact Now
  • Manul Round Cutting Machine

    Manul Round Cutting Machine

    It has the characteristics of free cutting, stable work, comfortable use and automatic sharpening. It can be used to cut cotton, wool, hemp, silk, chemical fiber and other materials. Contact Now
  • Auto Round Cutting Machine

    Auto Round Cutting Machine

    This electric scissors is suitable for use in clothing, shoes, hats, ties, umbrellas and other enterprises. The cutting speed is fast, light and flexible, reasonable in structure and complete in function. Contact Now
  • Tefeila Cutting Machine

    Tefeila Cutting Machine

    The machine is widely applied for cowboy suit, children’s wear, shoes, luggage, umbrella, handbag, schoolbag, gloves etc. Contact Now
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