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  • Domestic Overlock Sewing Machine

    Domestic Overlock Sewing Machine

    The DK-335 four-line direct-drive high-speed overlock sewing machine series adopts international advanced technology, the latest design and beautiful appearance. It is used in knitwear, underwear, shoes, T-shirts, and silk. A variety of sewing performances such as chemical... Contact Now
  • Overlock Multifunction Sewing Machine

    Overlock Multifunction Sewing Machine

    This series of models is suitable for all kinds of thin and medium thick materials, fabric wrapping or overlocking. Thanks to the automatic lubrication device, it is smooth and easy. The sewing tension is low, and it can sew stable and beautiful stitches at high speed. It is... Contact Now
  • overlock sewing machines

    overlock sewing machines

    This product is driven by built-in servo motor, which saves energy and electricity, quiet sound, small vibration and beautiful appearance. The same product also has the function of automatic trimming and automatic lifting of the presser foot. The length of the trimming line... Contact Now
  • Household Overlock Sewing Machine

    Household Overlock Sewing Machine

    The built-in direct drive servo motor realizes the precision of mechanical fast braking, the service life is more than three times that of ordinary motors, and it saves power resources more effectively. - Reduces the cost of electricity input, and silently silent, and then... Contact Now
  • Household Sewing Machine

    Household Sewing Machine

    Applicable to a variety of fabrics, a variety of stitches, a wide range of applications. Contact Now
  • Household Sewing Machine Parts

    Household Sewing Machine Parts

    HANGZHOU OMEGA MACHINERY CO., is a large professional sewing accessories manufacturer. The company pursues the "quality first, customer first" principle, warmly welcome you to visit our website and call us. Main products: Rotary hook Needle bar Teeth Pulling... Contact Now
  • Household Sewing Machine Stand and Table

    Household Sewing Machine Stand and Table

    The sewing machine frame platen is used in conjunction with industrial sewing machines. The frame is made of high-quality steel plate by stamping, hydraulic, degreasing, descaling, phosphating and spray-molding. The plane is smooth and rust-free. The straight pipe spot... Contact Now
  • Hydraulic Double Heat Press Machine

    Hydraulic Double Heat Press Machine

    The hydraulic double-station heat transfer machine can heat transfer the color pattern and text of sublimation and solvent ink on cotton, linen, chemical fiber, nylon and other fabrics and ceramic products, and can also carry out the process of planting heat transfer and foam... Contact Now
  • Hydraulic Double Stations Heat Press Machine

    Hydraulic Double Stations Heat Press Machine

    The overall structure of the equipment is stable, not easy to deform, stable operation and low noise. The workbench can be switched between manual and automatic operation. Contact Now
  • Auto-belt Adjustment Fusing Machine

    Auto-belt Adjustment Fusing Machine

    This Fusing Press Machine is a small-sized desktop setting machine for pressure-bonded fabric and sports shoes. It is suitable for processing leather linings, linings and sports shoes. The corresponding adhesive products are flat and clean, not easy to wrinkle, suitable for... Contact Now
  • Fusing Machines

    Fusing Machines

    The upper anti-falling system adopts the direct lower limit switch type, and the following warpage prevention system is provided. Contact Now
  • Press Fusing Machine

    Press Fusing Machine

    This machine is equipped with a special construction conveyor belt, which can eliminate the deviation of the belt and ensure its service life. Contact Now